IDLC Balanced Fund


Enjoy regular yearly return and also, in the long run, grow the value of the investment itself.

Create steady, long-term wealth by balancing your income generation, capital growth and risk of loss using a mixed selection of assets. By balancing your fund, you can enjoy less risk.

As you have different goals in life – dream home, child’s education, retirement, etc. – you require planning based on your investment objective and risk appetite. With the help of IDLC Balanced Fund, we will ensure your hard-earned money stays “safe” while growing in the long run.

WHY CHOOSE IDLC Balanced Fund?

Regular Return

Long-term Capital Gain

Fund Details

Risk Scale

Moderately Low
Moderately High
NAV as on 2019-08-22

Scheme Details

1. Nature:

Open end Mutual Fund

2. Initial Fund Size:

BDT 50.0 Cr

3. Sponsor:

IDLC Finance Ltd. has invested BDT 10.0 Cr. as sponsor

4. Fund Manager:

IDLC Asset Management Limited (IDLC AML)

5. Trustee & Custodian:

Investment Corporation of Bangladesh (ICB)

6. Lot Size:

500 units for individuals; 5,000 units for institutions

7. Unit Value:

At Face Value, Tk. 10.0 for each unit during IPO; At Net Asset Value (NAV) afterwards

8. Fund Objective:

The objective of the Fund is to provide attractive risk adjusted return to the investors through capital appreciation along with current income in the form of dividend

9. Dividend Policy:

Minimum 70% of realized income of the Fund will be distributed as dividend in Bangladeshi Taka only at the end of each accounting year allowing investors to reinvest the cash dividend into new units at investors’ discretion.

10. Prospectus:

Download Here.

11. Application Forms:

Available Here.

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